The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen ~ Lee Iacocca

Businesses make countless tactical decisions about manufacturing strategy and operations on a daily basis.  These decisions impact both their short and long-term profitability. Given the relatively large number of people with significant decision-making authority within a manufacturing organization, it’s crucial that these organizations have manufacturing strategy documentation.

All manufacturing organizations need a written strategy document to provide direction and guidance. In order for the strategy to succeed, businesses also need an implementation plan and metrics to track progress.  Most often, strategy documentation does not exist and in its place are a series of disconnected decisions, plans and directives.  This disconnect leads to the manufacturing organization spending most of its time reacting to issues rather than anticipating issues.

ThreeCore believes that  a solid manufacturing strategy that considers both short and long range goals leads to improved efficiency and higher profits.  ThreeCore’s consultants work with our clients to develop clear, concise written strategy documents that are built with input from the overall team. We then work with the client to disseminate this information and assure that the strategy is implemented. 


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