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The market for our integrated life science solutions is expanding rapidly. We needed to strengthen our supply base and partner with world-class suppliers both domestically and internationally. ThreeCore offered us a proven track record in strategic sourcing and has supply chain resources located in the U.S. and Asia.

Bruce Bal
Caliper LifeScience, Inc.
V.P. Operations & Aftermarket

Change means movement. Movement means friction.
~ Alinsky

ThreeCore assists companies in developing and implementing practical operational strategies to improve their manufacturing operation.  Our team of professionals have run operations for global leaders in manufacturing. Our expertise allows us to provide practical operational consulting through strategies that can be implemented with the resources our clients have available. We help teams develop and implement operational strategies with regard to the supply chain design, manufacturing workflow, new product introduction, and spare parts management.

Our consultants work closely with your staff on lean manufacturing initiatives. In particular we can ensure that your goals are achieved by extending these initiatives into your supply chain. In this way your supply base is supporting the changes to your manufacturing strategy rather than inhibiting them.

Supporting Change

Being direct doesn’t mean you can’t engage in constructive problem solving. Realize your trying to break through a sophisticated defense mechanism designed to keep us calm in the face of impending calamity.  It takes a bit pressure and precision to achieve our aim.