Our thoughts create our reality
where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go ~ Peter Williams

We believe the best strategies are straightforward. In their most basic form a company’s strategy is driven by the goal of organic growth, harvesting profits, growing through acquisition or readying itself for sale. ThreeCore helps clients understand their market position from the customer’s perspective and how future trends may impact their success.

Our team starts any strategy consulting project with a detailed examination of the company’s product portfolio, their placement in the product life-cycle curve and the competitive environment. Through internal and external interviews, group discussion, market research and benchmarking metrics, ThreeCore assists its clients in developing short and long term strategies. This is a cross-functional, collaborative effort that involves multiple levels of management. Too often a strategy is developed by a small number of individuals and then thrust upon the management team. This fails to develop the organizational buy-in that is critical for the difficult work of implementation and adjustment.

Strategy and operational consulting including the development and implementation of a corporate strategy is not a brief, one-week activity. It’s a dynamic task that needs promotion, buy-in, execution, feedback and adjustment. Our team works closely with our clients to focus on the critical tasks during all of phases of development.