Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Benchmarking an organization’s progress is far more challenging than it first appears. Measurements should be significant, intuitive, trending, actionable and relative. ThreeCore consultants blend their understanding of their client’s strategy and business environment to create a series of benchmarking metrics that assure progress is tracked.  Our cross industry experience helps us bring best-in-class practices to our client’s programs.

We view strategy as a design problem with constraints that require the prioritization and optimization of specific variables. This unique philosophy underpins our approach to benchmarking and metrics tracking. Common mistakes companies make in this area include using too many metrics, using benchmarks from dissimilar businesses and producing output that is difficult to understand.

The ThreeCore Approach:

  • We encourage our customers and take the time to assist our customers in identifying benchmarks that correspond to their business.  This assures that metrics are significant and actionable. 
  • Publishing select and limited metric which support the overall strategy of the business.  This assures that the focus remains on the key benchmarks that were set.

We support these activities by gathering data on industry leaders and mining for innovative practices from related markets.