Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Realizing the Benefits of Integrated Supply

We leverage ThreeCore’s services and its international procurement partnerships, to realize the benefits of sourcing globally but still pull materials locally. Instead of managing 12 different suppliers for over 100 parts, we simply manage ThreeCore, unburdening my team and helping us to become more competitive in our U.S. manufacturing facilities.

Rick Goyette
Purchasing Manager
Speedline Technologies.

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In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention ~ Lou Holtz

ThreeCore provides customers with integrated supply chain solutions including our full service materials management program. Our Integrated Supply solution program manages the complete procurement cycle from sourcing and planning to part delivery. This lean manufacturing initiative results in improved cash flow, reduced inventory, increased part availability and competitive prices.

Integrated Supply Chain Management:  Benefits

Local Materials Warehousing - Decreased Client Inventory
ThreeCore typically holds production inventory parts locally to support customer demand levels. This keeps the inventory available to our clients and simplifies logistics.

Cost Effective Pricing – Increased Profits
Our competitive bidding process enables our customers to have managed inventory while lowering their total cost of materials.

Adding and Deleting Parts - Flexibility
Customers can always add and delete parts from their Integrated Supply program. This provides the flexibility to manage your supply base to meet your current needs.

KanBan Materials Management - Part Availability
Most parts are managed in a kanban style. ThreeCore uses your product level forecast to establish minimum and maximum stocking levels. We also set supplier capacity flexibility to handle spikes in demand.

Material Returns - Timely Corrective Action
ThreeCore's program manager will handle all material returns and provide a monthly pareto analysis and root cause corrective action documentation.

Consolidated Billing - Accounting Ease
Customers receive a consolidated invoice from ThreeCore for all the materials shipped under the program. This eliminates dozens of individual invoices from discrete suppliers. Invoice consolidation reduces administrative costs and streamlines your payables process.

Engineering Change Orders - Structure and Visibility
ThreeCore manages Engineering Change Orders (ECO) process directly with suppliers for managed parts. This avoids implementation delays and communication issues that lead to unexpected charges.

Secret Insurance Costs Millions

When I work with technology companies negotiating their production material contracts, the typical cost reduction ranges from 25% to 35%. For a $100 million manufacturing business this translates into a savings of $3 to $4 million a year. What does this savings mean for a company?