Working with a Supply Chain Consultant

Increasingly companies are hiring supply chain consultants to support their sourcing organization. This article discusses how an organization might react to an outside member joining their group, the advantages they could derive from the engagement and advice on how to manage a consultant...(More)

Lesson in Strategic Sourcing Team Leadership…From the Inside

Leading a strategic sourcing effort can be fraught with unexpected obstacles. This article describes the experience of a supply chain specialist running their first major sourcing program. Her takeaways will benefit anyone who has to lead an internal effort that involves change...(More)

The Six Pitfalls of Reverse Auctions

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The Agony of a Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers face a variety of pressures from individuals and groups within their organizations. To be successful, they must achieve the goals set forth by the executive team without overlooking the needs of the engineering and manufacturing departments..(More)