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Tuesday, Jun 1, 2010
ThreeCore, a specialized supply chain services company, was recently selected by GT Solar to assist their supply chain team in meeting a surge in demand. GT Solar is a leading supplier of polysilicon production technology, crystalline ingot growth systems and related PV manufacturing services to the solar industry. ThreeCore’s supply chain experts helped GT Solar implement a program...Read More
Friday, Apr 2, 2010
April 2010 – Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a division of Alcatel Lucent, selected ThreeCore to lead the effort to source a contract logistics partner for a multi-million dollar contract for their Meriden, Connecticut location. RFS is the world’s leading supplier of wireless infrastructure equipment with locations in US, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Australia and India....Read More
Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009
November 2009 - Nutfield Technology designs and manufacturers laser scanning equipment and has selected ThreeCore to provide operations management support. The company is experiencing rapid growth in their business and needs additional top-level resources to ensure they can meet customer requirements. ThreeCore will provide senior operations resources to work with Nutfield’s team to...Read More
Sunday, Jan 4, 2009
January, 2009 - ThreeCore, a leading supply chain service company, has introduced a new service that helps development teams meet their product cost targets. Many companies launch a new product development based on a cost target that forms the basis of their financial justification. Frequently, teams fail to achieve these targets due to design changes and optimistic cost projections,...Read More
Monday, Aug 4, 2008
Global manufacturing center offers low-cost alternative and manufacturing expertise Beverly, Mass., August 4, 2008 – Companies are turning to ThreeCore’s international supply chain expertise to help manage more materials, reduce the time it takes companies to acquire materials from overseas while minimizing total purchasing costs. ThreeCore has a staff of supplier experts...Read More
Sunday, Jun 8, 2008
Sourcing proficiency helps deliver product from design to finished product in less than 3 months Beverly, Mass., June 8, 2008 – ThreeCore, a leader in supply chain services, announced today that Segue Manufacturing, one of New England’s leading contract manufacturers, has partnered with ThreeCore to manage global procurement from China and Malaysia in order to help manage...Read More
Monday, Jan 7, 2008
Customers leverage international procurement offices to manage inventory Beverly, Mass., January 7, 2008 – ThreeCore, a leader in supply chain services, announced today that sales of its integrated supply service has tripled over the previous 12 months and is currently managing more than 1,000 unique items. Companies are turning to ThreeCore’s integrated supply program as...Read More
Tuesday, Oct 23, 2007
SourcingAnalyst opens new, global markets for suppliers and enables buyers and engineers to place online RFQ’s with unlimited supply base participation Beverly, Mass., October 23, 2007 – ThreeCore, a leader in supply chain services, announced today the spin-off of an online sourcing platform, SourcingAnalyst, that will enable sourcing professionals and engineers to find...Read More
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Expansion enables customers to streamline part procurement and better meet the requirements of a competitive marketplace Beverly, Mass., May, 2007 – ThreeCore, a leader in supply chain services, announced today the opening of a new warehouse in Beverly, Mass. The warehouse will provide ThreeCore customers with inventory management that will improve material availability,...Read More
Monday, Feb 5, 2007
Customers source globally without the added logistics of supplier discovery, qualification, negotiation and implementation Beverly, Mass., February 5, 2007 – ThreeCore, a leader in supply chain services, announced today the opening of a new procurement office in Shanghai, China. The office opening is a culmination of a 12 month plan to strengthen ThreeCore’s ability to...Read More
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2006
November, 2006 - Decision Biomarkers (DBI), an emerging leader in automated multiplexed immunoassays, has selected ThreeCore to support the manufacturing ramp up of their AvantraTM Q400 Biomarker Workstation and its associated biochip. ThreeCore will provide DBI with operational planning and manufacturing implementation support. "ThreeCore provides our team with added depth in...Read More
Tuesday, Aug 15, 2006
August, 2006 - Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a division of Alcatel-Lucent, selected ThreeCore to develop a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program for their Tier 1 production suppliers. The goal of the program is to reduce purchasing transactions, streamline material planning and to optimize inventory levels. “We needed to put together a materials management plan that took the...Read More
Wednesday, Jun 7, 2006
June, 2006 - Caliper Life Sciences, a leading provider of drug discovery and life sciences research solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has chosen ThreeCore to support their strategic sourcing efforts to globalize and consolidate their manufacturing supply base. ThreeCore will provide Caliper with senior level supply chain resources focused on developing a supply...Read More
Friday, Mar 17, 2006
March, 2006 - SEA CON Phoenix, a world leader in underwater electrical and optical connectors and cables, chose ThreeCore to provide support and expertise in their efforts to increase the efficiency of their supply chain management function. ThreeCore is working with their operations team to streamline SEA CON Phoenix’s procurement process to support the rapid growth of their...Read More
Friday, Jan 20, 2006
January, 2006 - FEI, a global leader in nanoscale inspection technologies, has worked closely with ThreeCore over the past year on a series of tactical and strategic sourcing projects. ThreeCore continues to provide on-site and off-site purchasing support for FEI in the U.S. and Europe. Currently ThreeCore's off-site buyers support engineering procurement for R&D projects and new...Read More
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2005
July, 2005 - FEI, a global leader in nanoscale inspection technologies, has selected ThreeCore to provide transaction management services related to the acquisition of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) materials. ThreeCore will be providing on-site and off-site purchasing support for FEI U.S. facilities. "We are constantly looking for solutions that will allow us to grow our...Read More
Tuesday, Apr 12, 2005
April, 2005 - ThreeCore, a supply chain services company located in Beverly, Massachusetts, grew revenues 38% last year. It added a half-a-dozen new clients during the year and was able to help these clients reduce their production material costs by over 20%. Its base of audited suppliers also expanded significantly in a variety of production material commodities. Many of these suppliers...Read More
Tuesday, Aug 10, 2004
August, 2004 - Cognexhas selected ThreeCore to support its supply chain efforts in developing programs to reduce lead-times and increase the capacity of their Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs). ThreeCore is also helping Cognex improve their electronics life-cycle management process. These two initiatives will help Cognex capitalize on the strong growth in the machine vision market....Read More
Tuesday, Jul 20, 2004
July, 2004 - has selected ThreeCore to provide strategic sourcing services. ThreeCore will be working closely with Speedline's operations team to strengthen their supply base for one of their major product lines. ThreeCore's team will provide leadership and manpower to organize bid packages, qualify suppliers, develop competitive bidding environments and assist its customers in the...Read More
Thursday, Jun 17, 2004
June, 2004 - Vaupell, a leading custom injection molding company, has selected ThreeCore to assist its procurement team in managing its global resin procurement. Resin costs have been increasing as oil prices continue to soar. ThreeCore is helping Vaupell's procurement team strengthen their supply chain strategies and supporting their efforts to develop favorable supply agreements with...Read More
Monday, Apr 5, 2004
April 5, 2004 - Brooks Automation, a leading worldwide provider of automation solutions to the global semiconductor industry has selected ThreeCore to augment its supply chain team. Brooks Automation's business has ramped dramatically since the middle of last year. ThreeCore will help the Brooks supply chain team manage their increased workload. ThreeCore's team of procurement...Read More
Friday, Mar 5, 2004
May 3, 2004 - Ember Corporation has selected ThreeCore to provide on-site procurement services to support their rapid growth. ThreeCore will be utilizing its audited supply base and material expertise to support the acquisition of materials required for Ember's new product development. Ember's mesh architecture software and hardware products have been very well received in the market,...Read More
Monday, Oct 13, 2003
October 13, 2003 - RFS, a leading provider of cable and antenna systems for the wireless telecommunications industry, recently selected ThreeCore to provide procurement services to support its strategic sourcing team. The initial goal is to globally source a variety of precision machined and cast components to support RFS's broad line of telecommunications components. "We selected...Read More
Monday, Jun 16, 2003
June 16, 2003 - BTU International Inc. (Nasdaq NM: BTUI) a recognized leader in thermal processing solutions recently selected ThreeCore to manage its entire procurement function. BTU is the world's number one supplier of thermal equipment for semiconductor packaging, surface mount, and advanced material processing. In a multi-year agreement, ThreeCore will manage all aspects of BTU's...Read More
Monday, May 12, 2003
Dixie Chopper selected ThreeCore to develop a competitive market for wire form assemblies for their line of zero-turn-radius riding lawnmowers. ThreeCore's team of procurement specialists worked with Dixie Chopper's operations staff to develop and execute a sourcing program to reduce costs and consolidate the supply base for wire form assemblies. The sourcing team narrowed down the...Read More